Scribbly Gum

Eucalyptus rossii

Small to medium (8–20m) tree. Completely smooth bark, bright yellow to pale orange, weathering to white with insect ‘scribbles’ on the surface. Later, wrinkles often appear at the base of branches. Easily distinguished from Brittle Gum by characteristic ‘scribbles’ and wrinkles.

Juvenile leaves in 6–8 opposite pairs, on short stems. Adult leaves narrowly pointed, 5.5–15cm long and up to 2.5cm wide, green to blue‑green with many fine oil glands. Clusters of 9–15 buds precede white flowers December–February. Fruits stalked, pear-shaped or almost globular with flattened, reddish top and small valves.

Distribution: western side of the Great Dividing Range in NSW from the ACT north to Tenterfield and west to the Pilliga scrub, usually on shallow, stony soils and on NE to NW aspects. Good stands occur on Black Mountain and Mt Ainslie in the ACT.