Red Box

Eucalyptus polyanthemos

Small to medium-sized (6–20m) tree. Bark rough, finely fissured, pale grey and white but trunks can be smooth and blotchy to grey creamy-white.

Juvenile leaves stemmed and opposite usually grey/blue and rounded. Adult leaves are 6–15.5cm long with large numbers of oil glands, blue green to blue grey, often oval to rounded.

White flowers, from 7 buds, September–December. Fruits stalked and cup-shaped to conical.

Distribution: from NSW Southern Tablelands to eastern and central Victoria, often on dry, stony ridges. In the ACT found on the western slopes and top of Black Mountain and the Molonglo Gorge. It is widely planted in Canberra and Queanbeyan.

Used for gum extraction, fencing, fuel and as a shade and street tree.