Brittle Gum

Eucalyptus mannifera

Small to medium (to 20m) tree with generally white bark, powdery to touch, very pale yellow, when fresh. NO scribbles on the bark or wrinkles below the branches (compare with Scribbly Gum with which it commonly occurs).

Juvenile leaves have no stalk, are dull green, alternate and linear. Adult leaves are dull green, 7–18.5cm long, usually pointed with dense network of veins, many ‘island’ oil glands, and leaf margin vein parallel to the central vein. Buds (clusters of 7) cup-shaped with domed top and short stems. White flowers from February-April. Fruit cup shaped to hemispherical with protruding valves.

Distribution: central and southern Tablelands of NSW to the hills and slopes of eastern Victoria, on dry lower slopes, commonly west and southerly aspects. Found naturally on Black Mountain.

Used for fuel wood and as a street tree; produces good honey. Also known as Red-spotted Gum.