Family and individual members

By joining STEP, families and individual can contribute to our projects.

STEP aims to enhance the quality and availability of practical and scientific knowledge of the ecosystems and species of the Southern Tablelands for both present and future communities and agencies in the region by:

  • promoting understanding of the natural environment as the foundation of Australia’s social and cultural (including Aboriginal) heritage
  • promoting the objectives of the International Convention on Biological Diversity within the Southern Tablelands Region
  • working alongside us at the STEP garden to increase our knowledge and resources.

To do this properly, we need the strength and funding that your membership brings with it.

Donate — Tax deductible donations to STEP can be made through the National Arboretum Canberra or contact our Treasurer, Ross Dalton at:    

Join — Joining us is simple — just fill out a form and send a cheque or make a transfer of funds to our account.